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Dr. M. A. Toor, MD

President 2015-2017




The Membership is Open for everyone

Now greater than before, the individuals Pakistani Americans and Americans who consider themselves friends of Pakistan  can also become the members of PAC.

The membership fee is one hundred dollars a year.

Individual members will have the same rights as delegates of various organizations.

The membership fee is one hundred dollars annual.

Please fill the form and mail it with one hundred dollar check to the address on the form

PAC applauds 9th Circuit Court decision

PAC leadership applauds 9th Circuit Court decision to maintain the stay on travel ban. President Trump issued an executive order to ban travel from seven countries. Judge James Roberts issued a stay order against his executive order. Govt. appealed against this stay order in 9th Circuit Court. A three judges bench upheld the stay against ban on travel from seven countries.

PAC condemns terrorist attack in Lahore

PAC leadership condemns terrorist attack in Lahore on February 12. PAC leadership shows solidarity with the families of victims of this terrorist attack. Particularly, PAC pays tribute to all those police officers who lost their lives in this attack.

PAC urges upon the government of Pakistan to fully act on anti terrorist plan without delay.





Current Event

Pakistani American Congress (PAC) is an umbrella entity of Pakistani Associations of North America.

It was established  in 1990 as a non-profit, non-partisan and non-religious premier community organization. It is envisioned to promote goodwill and cordial relations between United States and Pakistan and their people through activism at Capitol Hill.

It serves as a catalyst of social, educational, and political activities which promotes the interests and protects the civil rights & liberties of the Pakistani-American Community in the U.S.

PAC believes that progress and well being of Pakistani-American community is intrinsic in the  friendly relations and economic cum strategic partnership between the two countries and their people. PAC is envisioned to serve as the flag carrier and good will Ambassador of Pakistan-US long lasting friendship, cooperation and partnership based on mutual respect for each other's sovereignty.  


PAC is concerned over presidential executive order to ban the citizens of seven Muslim Majority countries

Pakistani American Congress leadership showed dismay over President Trump's executive order to ban the citizens of seven Muslim majority countries to travel to the United States.

PAC leadership considers such ban un-American.  America is a country of immigrants. The  people of different races, cultures and religions from all over the world have been coming and settling in the United States for last many centuries. They all have played a vital role in the development of their adopted homeland United States of America. Therefore, banning the citizens of  particular countries  and that too on religious grounds is not only discriminatory it against American traditions and values.

PAC leadership urges President Trump to rescind this executive order.


PAC supports one China policy


PAC leadership applauds President Trump's decision to reverse his position on two China policy. Since, President Nixon's visit to China, US always maintained one China policy which President Trump tried to reverse by calling Taiwan prime minister after taking the oath of his office.

On February 9 he talked to Chinese President and assured him to support one China policy vis-a-vis two Chinas policy.


PAC Doesn't Support Any Political Party

PAC is not affiliated to or support any political party in USA or Pakistan. However, it works with in power administrations to promote USA-Pakistan mutual relations. PAC does not bar its members joining political parties in their individual capacities.



Happy 2017 to all

PAC members, their families and friends


24 Annual US-Pakistan Friendship Day

at the Capitol Hill


Rayburn Building, House Gold Room 2168


June 10, 2016


11 AM - 5 PM

Theme of Event:


Operation Against Terrorism:

Accomplishments and Challenges


The event will take place in two sessions


First Session:


Chaired by Chief Guest:

H. E. Jalil Abbas Jilani,

Ambassador of Pakistan

Panel discussion by intellectuals from American Think Tanks, Diplomats and Academia


Second Session:


Guest of Honor:

Honorable Congressman Donald Norcross


Address by various Senators, Congressmen, and Community Activists.


Contact us:


Dr. Muhammad Akram


Board of Trustees

Cell: (201) 725 -0208



Mr. Aqil Khan

General Secretary

Cell: (856) 261 -1095



Mailing address:

12 Hampshire Road,

Paramus, NJ 07652, USA

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