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Mr. Asad Chaudhry


2017 -2019



The Membership is Open for everyone

Now greater than before, the individuals Pakistani Americans and Americans who consider themselves friends of Pakistan  can also become the members of PAC.

The membership fee is one hundred dollars a year.

Individual members will have the same rights as delegates of various organizations.

The membership fee is one hundred dollars annual.

Please fill the form and mail it with one hundred dollar check to the address on the form






Future Events

Pakistani American Congress (PAC) is an umbrella entity of Pakistani Associations of North America.

It was established  in 1990 as a non-profit, non-partisan and non-religious premier community organization. It is envisioned to promote goodwill and cordial relations between United States and Pakistan and their people through activism at Capitol Hill.

It serves as a catalyst of social, educational, and political activities which promotes the interests and protects the civil rights & liberties of the Pakistani-American Community in the U.S.

PAC believes that progress and well being of Pakistani-American community is intrinsic in the  friendly relations and economic cum strategic partnership between the two countries and their people. PAC is envisioned to serve as the flag carrier and good will Ambassador of Pakistan-US long lasting friendship, cooperation and partnership based on mutual respect for each other's sovereignty.  


PAC Appeal for Hurricane Harvey Victims.

Pakistani American Congress appeals to all its associates throughout the United States to reach out to Hurricane Harvey victims in Houston and provide them all sorts of help. They need our help at this moment the most.

Pakistani American congress requests to look for legitimate organizations such as Red Cross to donate money and in kind help as much as possible.




27th Annual US - Pakistan

Friendship Day At The Capitol Hill


US - Pakistan Relations


PAC  is celebrating 27th US-Pakistan friendship day at the Capitol Hill. Here is the detail of the program


Thursday May 10, 2018


2103 House Gold Room

Rayburn Building

Washington, DC


Morning Session


11 am - 1 pm


Intellectual discourse by leading Americans and Pakistani commentators


Congressional Session


1 pm - 5 pm


Meet your Congressmen and Senators. Learn what they think about current and future state of US-Pakistan relations.

It will give you a real insight in US-Pakistan relations.


For more inf. call


Asad Chaudhry


703 - 626 - 3462




Aqil Khan

General Secretary


Media Reports



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