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Dr Khalid Luqman Ch.


2023 -2025



The Membership is Open for everyone

Now greater than before, the individuals Pakistani Americans and Americans who consider themselves friends of Pakistan  can also become the members of PAC.

The membership fee is one hundred dollars a year.

Individual members will have the same rights as delegates of various organizations.

The membership fee is one hundred dollars annual.

Please fill the form and mail it with one hundred dollar check to the address on the form.






Future Events

Pakistani American Congress (PAC) is an umbrella entity of Pakistani Associations of North America.
It was established in 1990 as a non-partisan and non-religious community organization. It is envisioned to promote goodwill between the people of the United States and Pakistan.
It serves as a catalyst of social, educational, and political activities which promotes the interests and protects the civil rights & liberties of the Pakistani-American Community in the U.S.


The change of guards at PAC

PAC Board of Trustees happily announces the selection of new office bearers 2023-2025. Please look at Executive Committee page to meet PAC's new Executive Committee members. Anyone who likes to get any information about PAC's current activities he can talk to anyone of these office bearers.

Board of Trustees thanks the outgoing office bearers 2017-2019 for their hard work to serve the Pakistani American Community on behalf of Pakistani American Congress (PAC).





30th Annual US - Pakistan

Friendship Day At The Capitol Hill


September 13, 2023


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Dr. Khalid Luqman Ch







Dr. Ashraf Toor


Board of Trustees


Dr.Ashraf Toor, MD

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