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Pakistan Times, California, USA

America Must Stop Attacks on Pakistan and Withdraw its Forces From Afghanistan- Dr. Ashraf


CHICAGO, USA (October 12, 2008) (Special Reporter): The current U.S. administration is thinking about taking the war against terrorism inside Pakistan by directly taking military action inside the country. Such an action would create a serious problem not only for Pakistan but also for the United States of America. We strongly believe that this is not a good way to fight war against terrorism because such previous actions has produced more terrorists than eliminating them at the expense of the hundreds of thousands of innocent civilian lives. The best way to finish this war is to withdraw US forces from Afghanistan and initiate dialogue. This was stated by Dr. Khawaja Ashraf, President of Pakistani American Congress, an umbrella organization of several Pakistani organizations in North America, at its regional conference on " How to Stop US Attacks on Pakistan" held at Chicago at the Sabri Nihari Banquet Hall on Saturday,  October 11, 2008.


Ms. Jill Morgenthaler, candidate for the House of Representatives from the 6th District, Chicago, Illinois, strongly refuted some of the rumors going on in the Pakistani community. She said some vested interests are behind these rumors who do not want to see good relationship between USA and Pakistan. She said if Obama became President he will fully respect the sovereignty of Pakistan and would like to work with democratic forces in the country to allow democracy take its roots. He has strongly condemned dictatorship. She said Obama do not believe in war but dialogue so he cannot think of attacking an independent country. He is not Bush but a peace loving individual who want to focus on building good relationships with all countries including Pakistan. She said the Democratic Party strongly believes in developing Pakistan's economy and democratic institutions. She said Mr. Joe Biden, Democratic Party Vice Presidential nominee, has presented a substantial economic package in the Congress for the development of Pakistan. She said Obama's view point is that if Pakistani government is unable to act and asks us to help then we will take action. We will respect the sovereignty of Pakistan and will not act without their cooperation. She said US fully understand Pakistan's importance in the fight against terrorism. They have been supporting us as a frontline state. She asked all Pakistanis to support Obama and other democratic candidates in the coming election.


Mr. Azhar Minhas, Public Defender in Chicago Court system, said Pakistani government have to focus on the economic development and take action to control law and order situation in the country. Pakistan cannot progress unless there is peace and suitable environment for foreign investments' Pakistan must act quickly. America has no right to attack a sovereign state, he said. Mr. Rizwan Kadir said law and order situation in Pakistan is deteriorating and it needs to be controlled as a top priority. Dr. Riaz Ahmad, Ex President of PAC also emphasized the need for controlling law and order situation in Pakistan and developing democratic institutions. He said PAC must play its role persuading USA to avoid attack on Pakistan. PAC has done it before and it can do it again, he said.


Dr. Muhammad Akram, President-Elect of PAC, said we must maintain our unity during coming election. He said all Pakistani American citizens must register their vote and support those candidates who support democratic process and respect sovereignty of Pakistan. He said US must change its policy in Asia and help Pakistan in dealing with current economic and political crisis because the war on terrorism cannot be won without Pakistan's help. If Pakistan is unstable war efforts will fail. He said direct U.S. military action inside Pakistan will prove counterproductive and will create a bigger mess for United States and Pakistan. Both countries just cannot afford it and the world cannot afford it, he said.




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